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Strokes of Natural Bliss by Ila Sankrityayan - Pioneer(August 2, 2010)

Of Landscapes that evoke comforting Memories by Archana Khare Pant - HT City(October 4, 2002)

Simple Silence by Shailaja Tripathi - Express Newsline(September 26, 2002)

Capturing poignant moments of life - West Delhi PLUS (September 26, 2002)

Defining the Images - Today Vol. 1 Issue 110 (September 30, 2002)

Sankalp Samman: The best artists of the year 2000 (April 2001)

Artist gives Ladakh a new look by Meenakshi Kumar - HT City (May 19, 2000)

Captivating Ladakh by Soumik Mukhopadhyay - The Statesman (May 26, 2000)

Lure of Ladakh by Parthana Gahilote - The Indian

A painter in search of the stark realities of Nature by Aasheesh Mamgain - Neighbourhood FLASH (May 14-20, 2000)


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